Sensei - Features

Package Prices

Water clean carpet, upholstery & rugs , plus hot solvent clean curtains, upholstery & rugs – all from one machine! Just add our optional Hot Solvent Cleaning adaption.

Operates from 1 power lead – use your machine when just one plug socket is available.

Fitted with our heavy duty non-maintenace induction motor pump system 

Professional power, appearance and build-quality.

Compact enough to be transported by car.

Lightweight – easy to get in to and out of a car and up or down stairs.

Powerful enough to leave downstairs and work upstairs on most domestic jobs.

Sensei carpet cleaning equipment

Ashbys Sensei carpet, upholstery, rug and curtain cleaning machine is an industry leader and unique in it's class. Here's why...

  • Very compact, very lightweight - but with professional looks and performance level.
  • Optional built-in cleaning solution tank heater - maintains temperature for faster cleaning.
  • Heavy duty non-maintenance induction motor pump system fitted as standard -
  • Powerful enough to operate 50 ft / 15.2 m of hose - freedom to leave machine downstairs and work upstairs.
  • Rear handle folds down for easy lifting, transportation and compact storage.
  • Add a built-in hot recirculating solvent cleaning system - and tackle all dry-clean-only curtains and upholstery.

Vacuum motor

A vacuum motor contains a set of fans mounted internally which pull air to create vacuum uplift. These fans are known as stages. The more stages a vacuum motor contains, the more power is generated - and the maximum possible is 3 stages.

The Sensei has two vacuum system options, both of which are powerful 3 stage systems - a standard and a heavy duty option. All have fully replaceable carbon brushes, are fitted with an air-seal, the highest quality available and protected by Ashbys unique air-baffle system to prevent water ingress for maximum working life. 

Vac Booster Adaption PC6647

Ashbys Sensei can be used in conjunction with our Vac Booster Adaption PC6647 to create the ultimate lightweight, portable, compact and powerful carpet cleaning machine. For it's compact size and price range, the Sensei is unbeatable and an industry leader.

Ultra-tough body casing and construction

Constructed from robust, yet lightweight heavy duty roto-moulded polyethelene (HDPE), the Ashbys Sensei is highly durable and designed for industrial performance.

Fan-cooled electronics

Some machines trap heat generated inside the electronic compartment, to try to warm up their cleaning solution. Unfortunately to achieve maximum life and efficiency from all electronic components, it is ESSENTIAL to keep them cool and dry – especially vacuum motors. The Sensei not only well vented but fan-cooled, to keep ALL electronic components at their lowest working temperature - meaning they last longer..

Unrivalled build quality

Constructed by Ashbys for the lowest possible noise level and build without compromise. Every component is selected for it's durabilty, producing a quality level all experienced carpet cleaners will appreciate.

Optional hot solvent cleaning adaption

For cleaning water-sensitive dry-clean only items including curtains, upholstery, rugs etc.