Sensei Carpet Cleaning Machine 135 psi High Flow Ind Motor - 3 Stage Heavy Duty Performance Vac System

Sensei Carpet Cleaning Machine 135 psi High Flow Ind Motor - 3 Stage Heavy Duty Performance Vac System
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5 out of 5 stars Wednesday 06 November, 2013 By Graeme Hicks -
About 12 months ago I purchased an Ashby’s Enforcer which I still believe to be the Rolls Royce and ultimate carpet cleaning machine. It has, and continues to serve my business and my customers extremely well. The results I get are outstanding and I remain well impressed with this brute of a machine.

However, there are circumstances where a smaller machine is much more suitable, for example when cleaning blocks of flats. There are also occasions when you just don’t need to lug out a big machine, such as removing individual stains etc, hence my reason for purchasing an Ashby’s Sensei.

This is an incredible bit of kit and has improved my profit margins, especially so on those smaller and less assessable jobs. The set up time of this machine is much less, and it gets to places much easier, saving precious time where, bigger machines just cannot reach without metres and metres of cumbersome hose.

As usual Ashby’s have invested a great deal of time and thought into the Sensei’s design. They have incorporated a powerful vacuum motor, more than able to retrieve any stubborn muck and grime from the carpet fibres. This machine is relatively small but the designers have not compromised on the size of the detergent and retrieval tank, which are of sufficient size to do the job. This machine may be small, but make no mistake it certainly packs a powerful punch.

I now use my Sensei frequently and I find it an excellent addition to my Enforcer, they basically complement each other. Do not underestimate the capability of this well designed machine it does an excellent job cleaning carpets. I now use nothing but my Sensei to clean inaccessible carpets, sofas and mattresses.

All in all, this is a great little machine, well designed for the job, maneuverable and light enough for a single person to carry up and down stairs.

Simply a great addition to the professional carpet cleaner’s armory and an ideal piece of kit for those who want to take their business’s forward.

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