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Prochem 12 inch Squeegee Scrub Hard Floor Wand PM2505
Price: £345.00£276.00Save: £69.00 off

Prochem Bravo BV100 Spotter with Hand Tool & Hoses
Price: £695.00£556.00Save: £139.00 off

Prochem Glidemaster 12” inch Teflon Wand Glide AC1012
Price: £59.50£47.60Save: £11.90 off
Prochem Glidemaster Hand Tool Stainless Steel AC1021
Price: £105.00£84.00Save: £21.00 off

Prochem Plastic Detailer Hand Tool PM2501
Price: £95.00£76.00Save: £19.00 off
Prochem Polaris Accessory Hose Assembly 15 ft / 5 m AC1041
Price: £120.00£96.00Save: £24.00 off

Prochem Provac 814 GH3301 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Price: £245.00£196.00Save: £49.00 off
Prochem Provac 829 GH3302 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Price: £275.00£220.00Save: £55.00 off
Prochem Renovator Kit CA3823 for Fiberdri TM4
Price: £315.00£252.00Save: £63.00 off
Prochem Revolution Tile & Grout Cleaning Tool E275
Price: £945.00£756.00Save: £189.00 off

Prochem Swivel Head Stair Tool PM2506 - for Carpet Cleaning
Price: £325.00£260.00Save: £65.00 off
Prochem Carpet Cleaning Large Mesh | Net Hose Bag AC1044
Price: £21.95£9.95Save: £12.00 off

Showing 1 - 40 of 61 Results

Monthly Specials For November
Numatic Henry complete with Kit A1 - Red
Price:£162.60£120.00Save: £42.60 off
Tools & Hose Set Package No 2
Price:£482.50£458.38Save: £24.12 off
Prochem Prespray Gold B107 5 Ltr
Price:£27.75£23.59Save: £4.16 off
Prochem Contract Carpet Extraction Cleaner S774 5 Ltr
Price:£9.75£8.28Save: £1.47 off

Prochem Vacuum & Solution Extension Hose Assembly 3 m AC341
Price:£85.00£68.00Save: £17.00 off

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