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Prochem Fibrefresh A275 5 Ltr - DISCONTINUED

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DISCONTINUED BY PROCHEM - try Bio Productions Micro Clean as an alternative product

Effective against urine, food and smoke and many other organic odours A dual-action biological deodoriser for professional carpet, fabric and restoration cleaning applications. Fiberfresh combines a fast acting odour absorbing formula combined with a long-lasting bio-enzymatic action to neutralise most organic odour residues such as urine, food and smoke in carpet, fabrics and most surfaces.

  • Bio-enzymatic dual-action deodoriser
  • Fast odour control with long-term natural biological action
  • Neutralises and digests odours on carpets, fabrics and most surfaces


  1. Always pre-test surface to be treated ín an inconspicuous location.
  2. Remove odour-causing surface soil when possible.
  3. Mix 1 part Fibrefresh with 2 parts water. For difficult odours mix Fibrefresh with equal parts of water or use undiluted.
  4. Apply directly onto odour source using a coarse spray. Do not mist into air.
  5. Allow solution to penetrate and contact the source of the odour.
  6. Allow dwell time for deodorisation and biological digestion process. Carpets and fabrics should be rinsed with B109 Fibre & Fabric Rinse solution.
  7. For difficult odour problems re-apply Fibrefresh and allow to dry.
Ref: PC10158 Manufactured by: Prochem

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