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V2 SteamMate Carpet Cleaning Inline Heat ExchangerV2 Steamer for carpet cleaninginline heat exchanger for carpet cleaningAshbys V2 SteamMate Inline Heat ExchangerInline Heat Exchanger 240VInline Heat Exchanger made in UKhighly efficient inline heater exchangercarpet cleaning inline heat exchangeruk built inline heat exchangercleaning carpets with inline heat exchanger at 110 deg C

Portable V2 SteamMate (135-400 psi version) complete - including Intake Hose & Power Lead

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V2 SteamMate Carpet Cleaning Inline Heat Exchanger

Steam-boost your carpet cleaning machine for maximum cleaning power.

Copper coiled heat exchange unit - for maximum heating efficiency.

Instant heat from cold - work faster, drier and use less detergent.

Increased stain removal power.

Safer by design - built-in pressure relief system and venting tank.

Designed and manufactured in the UK.

This video was kindly sent in by Adam Loskot of A&K Cleaning Services, demonstrating the heat performance from his Enforcer with V2 SteamMate inline heat exchanger.

Instant heat for your carpet cleaning machine

Steam-boost your carpet cleaning with the most powerful in-line copper-coiled heat exchanger available - capable of adjustable temperatures up to 110°C.

  • 1 x Portable V2 SteamMate unit
  • 1 x Intake Hose – with chosen connectors
    - connects carpet cleaning machine to Portable V2 SteamMate
  • 1 x 25 ft / 7.6 m Power Lead
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x 1 Year Warranty

Not all heater exchangers are created equal

Copper-coiled inline heat exchanger for maximum heating efficiency and capable of adjustable temperatures up to 110°C. Get instant heat and steam-boost your carpet cleaning with the most powerful in-line exchanger available. Don't settle for less - check-out the video below -

Engineered with total safety in mind

Ashbys manufacture with pride in the UK. Our build quality and decades of experience in manufacturing inline heat exchangers, ensures a product that offers a performance level and reliability expected by the professional.

Unfortunately cheap is rarely cheerful, however when it comes to our V2 SteamMate copper coiled heat-exchanger, a unique safety pressure-relief system allows it to achieve high temperatures and operate at high pressures SAFELY. If you’re considering an alternative heat exchanger with no pressure-relief system that manages to achieve 110°C, dangerously high pressures can occur. Make sure you are aware of how much pressure is trapped in your solution hoses and tools at 110°C - especially if you intend to work at pressures of 400 psi.

How does the Portable V2 SteamMate work?

Links in-line with your existing carpet extraction machine and instantly boosts the cleaning solution temperature. It produces instant controllable heat to remove chewing gum and other hard residues plus cut straight through greasy, heavily soiled carpets without the need for multiple passes. Work faster, cut your chemical costs and avoid over-wetting.

Will the Portable V2 SteamMate work with my carpet cleaning machine?

Yes - if your carpet cleaning machine has a pump pressure of between 135-400 psi. If you’re working with less than 135 psi, you’ll need to upgrade your machine to use any of our Portable V2 SteamMates.

Other pump pressures available

Connector Options…

Do you have a male or female connector on your carpet cleaning machine? Select the picture which represents your carpet cleaning machine set-up and we’ll do the rest. The connectors pictured are ¼” in size, brass, self-sealing quick disconnects and pretty much standard across the industry.

This video demonstrates the heat performance from Ashbys V2 SteamMate inline heat exchanger.

This video shows Russ Chadd of Prosteam UK, carpet cleaning with his Ashbys 400 psi Enforcer and V2 SteamMate inline heat exchanger.

Why is the Portable V2 SteamMate different?

Ashby Cleaning Equipment have manufactured in-line heat exchangers for the professional carpet cleaning industry for the past 20 years. Our heating systems have evolved setting industry benchmarks for performance and heat. The Portable V2 SteamMate works better. Why?

Because it’s built without compromise by ourselves - and we designed it to be better.

More heat efficiency

Cleaning solution flows through a unique 15 metre copper coil heat-exchanger wrapped around a heated core. This design is dramatically more efficient than a regular hot box system, where cleaning solution flows rapidly through a channelled heated metal block, which then cools down. Our design produces high-heat, even when cleaning at pressures up to 400 psi – see the video.

Unique safety venting tank

Heating cleaning solution causes it to expand and creates very high pressures. Ashbys Portable V2 SteamMate system will achieve temperatures of 110°C if required. This gives more effective quicker cleaning, with less detergent and cleaning solution – meaning you work drier.

Our Portable V2 SteamMate vents the excess pressure created during the heating process, into a unique built-in safety venting tank. Systems without this safety venting tank are either not achieving the same high temperatures (and therefore not creating such high pressures); or running a serious risk of dangerously high pressure building up in the equipment, tools and hoses if the thermostat fails.

More temperature accuracy - fully adjustable from 0-110°C

Simply set the desired working temperature using the adjustable thermostat. The Portable V2 SteamMate achieves a high degree of temperature accuracy by monitoring the output temperature of the cleaning solution and regulating the heat-exchanger accordingly.

Weight and dimensions

Height - 18 cm
Length - 50 cm
Width - 29 cm
Weight - 10 Kgs

Ref: PC6364 Manufactured by: Ashbys

Pay monthly

Paying monthly on lease enables you to get the right equipment NOW to build and grow your business. There’s always a cost to finance, however the first job of the month could very well cover that months lease payment. Hold on to any savings to fund other areas of your business.

To take advantage of leasing, please complete your online application and we'll contact you direct. There is no need to process your order through your online Shopping Cart. Leasing is available to UK residents only.

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Product Reviews
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars Monday 20 November, 2017 By Paul Dunkley - Aura Carpet Cleaning
Would give the product 5 out of 5. Use on most jobs. Very effective. Can work quicker and with faster drying times.
5 out of 5 stars Friday 15 January, 2016 By Simon Payne - Ascot Carpet Cleaning
Just before Christmas I bought the Ashbys 400 psi Portable V2 SteamMate. What an amazing peace of kit! Since Christmas I’ve used it on hotel and pub carpets and the V2 SteamMate cuts through the black top, dirt and grease with great ease. Would recommend to anyone.
5 out of 5 stars Monday 23 November, 2015 By Steven Bankhead - Eraserstain
Just though I'd post a review of my 400 psi Portable V2 SteamMate. AWESOME, even at 70 deg C this thing is awesome. Crank it up to 110 deg C and your steaming and maintaining it. It's a quality made item! Extremely well engineered with good components. This looks the part and is a must for any pro! Yes, it's expensive but you get what you pay for? After considering the other inline heaters, this came out on top! Cheers to Martin for his advice and support.
5 out of 5 stars Wednesday 06 November, 2013 By Mark Gammon, Kleen-a-Carpet
Hi all at Ashbys. Just like to say how happy I am with all my equipment I've purchased, from my Enforcer, Portable V2 SteamMate & my Metal Power Brush - all great bits of kit. Happy chappy. Great staff and help always at hand. Many thanks.
5 out of 5 stars Monday 15 April, 2013 By Russ Chadd, Prosteam UK
There simply isn't an inline heater on the market which performs as well as my Portable V2 SteamMate. In order to achieve a constant flow of steaming hot water, my Enforcer pre-heats the water using an immersion heater in the solution tank and then my Portable V2 SteamMate re-heats the water closer to the wand.
Want truck mount heat for your portable? Get an Ashbys Portable V2 SteamMate.
5 stars!

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