Designed & built by Ashbys Cleaning Equipment in the UK - to your specification without compromise

Ashbys Ninja is constantly evolving. High and varied specification options combined with a build quality second to none, has created an industry leading carpet, upholstery, rug & curtain cleaning machine that has redefined the way we clean.

In-series vacuum motors - for highest vacuum strength

A vacuum motor contains a set of fans mounted internally which pull air to create vacuum uplift. These fans are known as stages. The more stages a vacuum motor contains, the more power is generated. 

Get the driest possible results

We conectrate the power into our vacuum systems by mounting our double vacuum motors in-series, so that the second vacuum motor pulls through the first, dramatically increasing the suction power. This doesn't happen with any other vacuum system.

Clean fast, throughly and with moving your machine

We use this increased vacuum power to pull air through the material or fibres being cleaned. Without the power to pull air long distances through multiple hose sets, narrow vacuum slots on cleaning tools and the item being cleaned, there can be no fast air movement which is needed to remove soilage and cleaning solution.

Remember - the more powerful your vacuum, the more effective the clean

Performance like a truck-mount

But much lower initial outlay, running and servicing costs – plus the benefit of total job access. Get more cleaning power for £ invested.

The best performance in the industry

Our latest twin in-series vacuum system PC9951 gives you more performance than any other double vacuum motored carpet cleaning machine, setting new industry standards for vacuum power. The Ninja is fitted with our unique air-baffle and all our vacuum motors have air-seals fitted to ensure maximum life-span. 

Pump options from 135 psi high flow-rate up to 400 psi

With optional remote control, allowing you to change tools fast, without the need to return to the machine to switch off the pump. Most systems incorporate both a quick adjust flow control and a pressure relief valve, for total control of water spray pressure and flow-rate.

All pump heads in Ashbys 400 psi pump systems have been coated internally with EnduraGuard™

For maximum protection and life, making them the highest quality in the industry. Insist on an EnduraGuard coated pump head.

Rainproof Cover available, allowing the Ninja to be left outside when in use

Just extend your hose sets to where you need to work. Will operate up to 150 ft / 46 m and even further when used with our Vac Booster Adaption PC7816.

Optional auto-fill, gravity auto-drain and remote control on/off

The ultimate set-up! Auto-fill keeps your solution tank topped up with water at the temperature pre-set on your heater thermostat. The gravity auto-drain adds no weight to the build and will empty the recovery tank when the Ninja is switched off. If you don’t require auto-drain or fill on a certain job, don’t attach the fill or drain hoses – just use as normal. The remote control on / off means you can remotely switch off your Ninja, allowing you to change tools (ie – from a carpet wand to a stair or upholstery tool and back again) and allows the gravity auto-drain to empty your recovery tank. Leave the shower-proof Ninja outside, connect to a standpipe, attach auto-drain hose and switch on your heater. Imagine the time-saving on every job, never having to fill, empty or return to your Ninja!

Two powerful 3 Kw heater options

Giving total heat flexibility and control. Both are protected by a low-level safety cutoff and heat-regulated via adjustable thermostat’s. The V2 SteamMate inline heat exchanger heater option provides instant heat up to an incredible 110 Deg C. The 3 Kw immersion-style heater / pre-heater system gives you heat up to 70 Deg C. Heat performance from the Ninja is better than any other.

Optional direct solution pump feed

Allows you to connect your Ninja to any external water tank without the need for an additional water supply pump.

Large non-marking 8 inch rear wheels

For easy manoeuvrability

Ultra-tough body casing and construction

Fan-cooled electronics

Ensuring maximum life and efficiency. Ashbys were the first in the industry to fan-cool their carpet cleaning machines.

Vacuum motor system protected via high level safety cut-off and Ashbys own unique air baffle system

Maximum protection for your vacuum motors.

Unrivalled build quality

Constructed by Ashbys for the lowest possible noise level, through to every electronic component. Quality every experienced carpet cleaner will appreciate.

Hinged body

Fast and easy access to electrical components during servicing.

Optional Silencer

For genuine whisper-quiet operation.

Optional Exhaust Hose Silencer

Quietens to the same level as the Silencer without affecting performance. Vent outside the working environment to maintain good indoor air-quality.

Optional Inline Injection Pre-sprayer

Complete with Spray Lance & Pre-spray Bottle. Disconnect your cleaning tool and connect your pre-sprayer for easy, fast and highly effective heated pre-spraying, direct from your Ninja. No cross-contamination - dilutes pre-spray direct from pre-spray bottle.

Optional hot solvent cleaning adaption

For cleaning water-sensitive curtains, upholstery, rugs etc.

Optional auto-fill with liquid detergent metering system

Will meter-in your chosen cleaning solution at a rate preset by the operator.

Optional pump-driven auto-drain

Pumps out recovery tank whilst working, for continuous operation.