Enforcer carpet, upholstery, rug & curtain cleaning machine - Reviews

Graeme Hicks – Hicks Carpet Cleaning | 21/01/2013

You can’t help but be extremely impressed with the Ashby Enforcer. Its ability to clean carpets and upholstery is nothing short of outstanding. I believe the build quality and design, in every aspect knocks the spots off any other carpet cleaning machines available on today’s market.

This impressive piece of equipment can be easily loaded and unloaded, singlehandedly into a van using an ingenious pivot and roller system. The water tank stores an ample reserve of water / cleaning fluid and the waste tank has a very good capacity. I have found the auto-fill and auto-waste disposal adapters very useful indeed. It is amazing how much time these simple but effective extras can save, which eventually means more profit!

Power cords can be wrapped around handles which double up as loading rollers and the plugs plugged into convenient dummy sockets. No more knotted and twisted cables with this machine I am pleased to say! All delicate parts of the appliance, such as the water pressure valve, waste-water dump valve and the control panel are recessed for their protection. The designers really have thought of everything with this machine. This really is the appliance of science, as Zanussi used to say!

I find the remote control very useful addition as it saves a lot of time and energy, and as far as I am concerned it really is a must.

Another great advantage the Enforcer has on its rivals, is that it can be operated using only one 13amp socket. I don’t have to tell you how useful this can be on occasions.

In conclusion I would have no hesitation recommending the Enforcer - it simply is the very best carpet cleaning machine available. It has been a real pleasure dealing with Ashbys, a family owned company, who clearly put customer satisfaction first in everything they do.

Kate Dodge – KJB Carpet Cleaning | 17/01/2012

Enforcer is an awesome machine. It functions to a high standard, very reliable and achieves great results when using different cleaning products.

James – Division Clean | 07/12/2012

I’ve been in the carpet cleaning business for 10 years - and the Enforcer is the one to have. It’s reliable and powerful when needed. The 400 psi pump, twin vacs and heater makes for easy cleaning. Its design makes it look professional outside a customer’s house and it’s very easy to load in and out of the van. I would definitely recommend buying one!

Mr David Martin | 21/11/2012
Enforcer Carpet Cleaning Machine 400 psi - 3 Stage 5.7" Standard + 3 Stage 5.7" HD Performance Vac System

When I started my own business I was unsure which carpet cleaning machine to buy. After talking to many people who own machines made by other manufacturers, I decided to ring Ashbys to see what they could do.

Firstly they were not pushy and went out there way to help me decide on the right machine for me. Once I decided on the Enforcer the help did not stop there. The hand over was brilliant and really helped me understand the machine. The Enforcer is nothing less than awesome!!! It looks the part and is so easy to use and move around. I have produced some wonderful results using the Enforcer of which repeat business is already starting to come through. Once you have used this machine you will never look back.

I would highly recommend Ashbys as a company and the Enforcer as a machine.

Alan, Spalding, Lincolnshire | 11/11/2012
Enforcer Carpet Cleaning Machine 135 psi HF Std - 3 Stage 5.7" HD Performance Vac System

Having used the Diamondback for over seven years I was a bit apprehensive about change, but need not have been as this machine is even BETTER than the Diamondback. All my regular customers have been impressed with the results of this machine and they are even saying that it is doing a great job of both carpets and upholstery. Since collecting it in August it has been running nearly every day from eight to five and paid for itself in the first three weeks. It has been well thought out and I hope it will reliable only time will tell. Worth getting the silencer as customers appreciate not having a noise outside there house.

Jason Hall | 09/11/2012
Enforcer Carpet Cleaning Machine 400 psi - 3 Stage 5.7" Standard + 3 Stage 5.7" HD Performance Vac System

I run my own business in my local area cleaning for domestic customers at this moment in time. As soon as I unload the Enforcer from my van my customer is wowed by the looks and presence of this machine. That's before I even start the cleaning process. Everything from filling to emptying has been made easier for me from my previous machine even loading and unloading from the van. This speeds the whole process up and enhances the quality of work you can achieve.

I wouldn't be without this machine now and I certainly wouldn't want a lesser machine for any of my jobs.

Ken Ellison, Sunderland | 09/11/2012
Enforcer Carpet Cleaning Machine 400 psi - 3 Stage 5.7" Standard + 3 Stage 5.7" HD Performance Vac System

Hi Martin, Ken from Eco Cleaning Services here. Sorry for a late email but business is hectic at the moment. I just wanted to give you some feed back of my 400 psi Enforcer.

So where to start... first impressions was its big and thought this is going be clumsy, but on setting up and using it I found its fantastic. Maneuverability is great, even in tight spaces. Controls are very easy to use, hand tool and wand are very good quality and well made. As for performance, well I cannot fault it in anyway. The results my customers are getting is second to none.

I would gladly say I'm confident that this machine has got my company at the top of its game up here in the North East and have customers who have used other companies for years and now have turned to me. If you would like some pictures I have taken to use on your website, I will gladly forward them to you.

So once again thank you for a great machine, faultless customer support and I'm sure I'll be doing more business with you in the future.

Stuart Bundock | 04/09/2012
Enforcer Carpet Cleaning Machine 400 psi - 3 Stage 5.7" Standard + 3 Stage 5.7" HD Performance Vac System

We purchased the enforcer just over a year ago for use on commercial work only. The performance is excellent and it has the power that we need to produce great results. When we use the machine we have it running the whole day and have not had any problems.

The only downside is the weight of the machine but this is down to the components inside, but the positive thing is that we run 3 lengths of pipe from the machine so do not have to move it much once we get started. It also has a large water tank, the heater works very well, so you do not need to fill up as much as the small portable machines. We also run a rotavac from the machine when doing hard floor work and it produces excellent results.

Nick Meakin | 27/07/2012
Enforcer Carpet Cleaning Machine 600 psi - 2 x 3 Stage 7.2" Vac System

I purchased the Enforcer as a replacement for my truck-mount. Although it has wheels, I keep it mounted and tied down securely in the van. I wouldn't consider it portable in the same way the Ninja is. The performance is excellent and it has the power to more than cope with anything thrown at it so far! It's quicker set up and start cleaning than with than a truck-mount too. I also like the fact I'm using customers electricity, so saving £15 per week on petrol. More profit.

I'm so glad I went for the extras - the auto fill and drain saves so much time and effort. The remote control saves so much time too, not having to run up and down stairs all the time to change tools! As I expect most of these machines will stay on the van, it would have been a good idea to put switches nearer the front where they would be a lot more accessible. It's a great selling point when making bookings to differentiate you from your competition by saying 'I don't use one of those little portable machines like my competitors’. You can then charge premium prices!

Paul Stuart | 25/06/2012
Enforcer Carpet Cleaning Machine 400 psi - V2 SteamMate Heating System
First impression of the Enforcer when we first set eyes on it in Ashbys showroom was WOW!, this portable hot water extraction machine looks superior to anything else currently available. Read full review…
Daniel Okines | 26/03/2012
Enforcer 400 psi PC7844 - V2 SteamMate Heating System
Best machine yet - can't fault it.
Mark Clarke | 15/03/2012
Enforcer 400 psi PC7838 - 3 Stage 5.7" Standard + 3 Stage 5.7" Heavy Duty Vac System
I've had this Enforcer for six months now and I think it is great. It does exactly what Ashbys say. It has good suction and water flow even with use of three hoses. Its water heater works well although the machine is heavy, it is easy to load on to the van which is the only time I need to lift it. I would recommend this machine over a truck mount due to cost and simplicity of use.