Enforcer Carpet Cleaning Machine | 400 psi | V2 SteamMate Heating System

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5 out of 5 stars Monday 14 November, 2016 By Ralph Willis - Specktrum Fabricare Services
Where to start? I've been using Ashbys Enforcer 400 psi with built-in V2 SteamMate for around a year now. Having used Ashbys Ninja’s for 13 years in a variety of configurations, I can honestly say that the Enforcer is a beast of a machine (as many of my customers have called it!).

Most of my work is commercial and this machine has performed faultlessly. So much so, that in comparison the Enforcer has taken around 1 to 2-1/2 hours off many of my larger jobs, allowing me to fit in a smaller job in my working day or just have an earlier finish. Unless you have a high-end truckmount, the Enforcer can't be beaten - but then a truckmount can't go into a tower building...

Everything about the Enforcer shouts quality, from the shower-proof design to the recessed controls and cable wrap / dual function loading rollers. The fact that you can use 2" or 1-1/2" vac hose is also nice. The tanks are of a good size and will allow you to work for a hour or so on a commercial site without needing to fill or empty.

Now the Enforcer is great, but not suited to being dragged up more than a few steps, so you’ll need enough hose sets to extend and access all your working areas. Enter Ashbys Ninja – a great well balanced all-rounder, suitable for one person to get up staircases.

For those on a budget, just starting out or looking for a smaller machine that can be transported easily by car, the Sensei is great for those little awkward jobs like a flat with no lift and packs one hell of a punch for its size.

I recently bought a Sensei after many years of wanting to a point where it was needed. The very first job, I was shocked at how well this machine performed. It’s compact but got plenty of power. If you need instant heat then just buy the external Portable V2 SteamMate.

For that odd chair clean, spotting or mattress cleaning job, you can't go wrong with the Pro Spot. I've had this a few years now and works a treat. I've even cleaned the odd flight of stairs with this machine (though not recommended on a regular basis).

I’ve been carpet cleaning and dealing with Ashbys for 28 years. I’ve tried many systems over that time but I've yet to find a company that compares to Ashbys for their overall commitment to the customer, machines and service. Ashbys are nothing short of dedicated professionals.