Enforcer Carpet Cleaning Machine | 400 psi | V2 SteamMate Heating System

Price: £3,415.00 £3,100.00 (£3,720.00 Inc VAT)Save:  £315.00 off
5 out of 5 stars Friday 27 May, 2016 By Graham Airey, Cumbria Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Wow, what a machine! Since I purchased my Enforcer in January 2016, I have been nothing but impressed with it. Having the built-in V2 SteamMate has made a massive difference to my cleaning. Not only do see a great improvement in the cleaning, but because of the added heat it means I spend less time on the job, so I can do more in a day and maximise my profits.

The Enforcers twin vacuum system is great as well. On larger jobs I quite often use 100ft of hose and maybe sometimes 125ft - and still get great results and quick drying times.

If I was to recommend a portable carpet cleaning machine, then it would definitely be the Ashbys Enforcer 400psi with the built-in V2 SteamMate inline heater.

One more thing, I found the customer service I received from Ashbys was second to none.