Enforcer Carpet Cleaning Machine | 400 psi | Std + HD 3 Stage PERFORMANCE Vacs

Price: £3,050.00 £2,649.00 (£3,178.80 Inc VAT)Save:  £401.00 off
5 out of 5 stars Wednesday 12 October, 2016 By Mr & Mrs Olszewski - Raf's Cleaning Service
When we bought our first machine from Ashbys (a Sensei), we thought that it's amazing - customers were happy, we had more and more jobs, much more phone calls and Facebook requests. 7 months ago we drove to Ashbys just to service our machine and we asked them to show us how the Sensei's biggest brother, the Enforcer works. 2 weeks later we've decide to buy one with a 400 psi pump, built in Immersion Heater System and all the other tools we needed.

It made a massive difference. Customers are impressed with the quality of our work, the drying times, how the Enforcer looks and the size of the machine :). 3 months ago we've decided to buy Ashbys Portable V2 SteamMate and now as a company, we feel we can deliver absolutely the best quality! We're totally happy and more importantly, we have more and more repeat-customers just because of the quality delivered by Ashbys Enforcer – and of course us as well! :) 5 stars from Raf's Cleaning Service!