Enforcer Carpet Cleaning Machine | 400 psi | Std + HD 3 Stage PERFORMANCE Vacs

Price: £2,950.00 £2,549.00 (£3,058.80 Inc VAT)Save:  £401.00 off
5 out of 5 stars Monday 04 August, 2014 By Tony Barry – Fibreclean Ltd
Being a recent newcomer to the carpet cleaning business I cannot comment on performance against other machines, but when looking to purchase the right machines for the job and after much deliberation I chose the Ashby’s Enforcer and the Sensei. Choosing these machines has in my opinion given my business the correct tools to cover all scenarios, from a large house with 2/3 floors to the smaller jobs such as mattress or upholstery cleaning.

The performance along with the design of the Enforcer never fails to achieve great results and from a customer’s point of view the Enforcer looks like it means business! I’ve heard other CC’s say that a customer does not care about what a machine looks like, but on the contrary, the tools you buy for your business are as important as all the other aspects of creating the right impression for a business to excel.

The Enforcer has the performance and the looks of a truly professional machine and a big thank you to all at Ashbys for a 5 Star***** service.