Enforcer Carpet Cleaning Machine | 400 psi | Std + HD 3 Stage PERFORMANCE Vacs

Price: £2,950.00 £2,549.00 (£3,058.80 Inc VAT)Save:  £401.00 off
5 out of 5 stars Friday 10 May, 2013 By Paul Dunkley, Aura Carpet Cleaning –
At Aura Carpet Cleaning in Bristol we use the Ashbys Enforcer with amazing results. The fact that you can leave it outside is one of the best things about it - you won’t have ever have to bring your machine into the customers house. This is a major factor, because I feel it’s not intrusive, never gets in the way and prevents stains and spills.

You can easily empty the Enforcer outside by wheeling it to nearest drain. This makes the Enforcer so much more convenient than other portables. The machine also looks the part. With the Enforcers sleek black colour and design it looks like the BMW or Mercedes of carpet cleaning machines. Definitely the best looking portable around - that's a fact.

It’s easy to manoeuvre. It takes two people to pull it up a flight of stairs, but provides easier access than any truck-mount would ever give. Considering most of my jobs are either hard to access due to parking or in flats, the Enforcer can do all of these.
One person can move it about easily, but I would get 100 foot of hose if on your own. The Enforcers easy to put in the van, with a convenient handle positioned at the bottom.

I get great results with the Enforcer - check my website for genuine ‘before and after’ photos. I always get great comments from my customers, either about the look of the Enforcer, all the way through to the end result. The Enforcers in-tank immersion heater is adjustable and limited to 60 degrees C heat, which is standard on most portables - but so far has dealt with every job we have thrown at it (including dreaded party houses!).

I've had the Enforcer for over a year and the only problem I've had was one wheel cap came off, but we still took it up 3 flights of stairs with no problems. After ringing Ashbys, we had one sent by the next day and we easily knocked it back on. Apart from that minor thing, we have had no problems what so ever with our Enforcer and I am glad we purchased it. Other machines are not up to the job of the Enforcer in the slightest. If you’re going for a carpet cleaning machine, I would definitely recommend the Ashbys Enforcer.