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Enforcer Carpet Cleaning Machine | 400 psi Pump | Std + HD 3 Stage PERFORMANCE Vacs

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Vacuum System


Discounted Popular Extras


Top performance from just one power lead.

Powerful 3 Kw adjustable temperature (0-60 Deg C) immersion heater option built into the solution tank, running from a second power lead.

Choose from an ‘in-series’ or ‘in-parallel’ vacuum system.

Shower-proof – run your hoses inside, leave the Enforcer outside.

Induction solution pump motor – no carbon brushes to wear-out.

Recessed and protected switch panel, connectors and control valves.

Moulded grab handles, roller-bars and loading wheels just where you need them, for safe and easy vehicle loading – no awkward lifting using front castors.

Power cable-wraps with UK 3 pin plug docking and a front mounted dump valve prevent damage during vehicle loading.

Exceptional build quality – designed and manufactured in the UK.

Features list for Ashbys Enforcer 400 psi pump with optional built-in heater

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Buy outright or lease from £21.04 per week

Some models of professional carpet cleaning machines require two power leads to run just their pump and vacuum motor systems. This means that if you only have access to just one plug socket (for example in common part areas like hallways), you can’t use the machine. Fortunately, this Enforcer model is different. It contains Ashbys recommended solution pump and vacuum motor set-up that will run from just one power lead.

This gives you the option of adding a powerful built-in adjustable temperature (0-60 deg C) 3 Kw solution tank heater, running from a second power lead. 3 Kw is the most power you can draw from a standard UK 3 pin plug socket. This in-tank immersion heating system is fitted with a low-level safety cut-off, which switches the heater off when the water level is low, to protect from accidental damage. Simply add 'Built-in Immersion Heater System - PC6786' from options listed above.

About this Enforcer carpet cleaning machine

With 40 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry, Ashbys designed the Enforcer from the ground up. Our knowledgeable engineers build every Enforcer with pride, here in the UK - and it shows. At Ashbys, we believe in build quality – and the build quality on our Enforcer is second-to-none. Combine this with incredibly practical, unique features that experienced carpet cleaning professionals love and you have what we consider the best machine available. This is your opportunity to get Ashbys most popular specification of Enforcer carpet cleaning machine at the lowest special offer price.

The Enforcers casing is shower-proof, so you can leave your Enforcer outside the premises, extend your hoses and work inside. This helps keep the working environment free from clutter and customer disruption to a minimum. It is easy to take indoors if you wish.

The recessed switch panel protects the Enforcer from impact damage. It is positioned clear of the solution tanks fill area to prevent accidental spills when topping up with clean water. This fill area is funnel-shaped and has a recessed feature to lock the bucket’s pouring spout in position, allowing you to re-fill the Enforcer quickly and accurately.

The dirty water recovery tank has a large 40 Ltr usable capacity and a clever design that allows it to drain almost completely, without the need to tilt the Enforcer forward.

Tente manufactures the premium quality metal front castors to our specification. These castors are lockable, so leaving your Enforcer on a sloped path or driveway is no problem – the Enforcer will still be there when you come back! The heavy-duty rear wheels are incredibly durable, manufactured in Germany by Blickle and of course recessed, to prevent damage to door frames.

This Enforcer model is fitted with our recommended vacuum system. It comprises of 1 x 3 Stage Standard Performance and 1 x 3 Stage Heavy Duty Performance 5.7 inch Vacuum Motor - a two vacuum motor system in total. You can choose to have these vacuum motors mounted either ‘in-series’ or in ‘in-parallel’. With an ‘in-series ‘ vacuum system the vacuum motors pull through each other, almost doubling the vacuum strength. An ‘in-parallel’ set-up has the vacuum motors pulling independently of each other, rather than through each other.

Ashbys recommend you select the ‘In-series’ set-up. This will give your Enforcer enough vacuum strength to work up to 200 ft / 61 metres of hose sets and can still operate with a 400 psi pump, from just one power lead. This allows you to have a powerful 3 Kw adjustable temperature (0-60 deg C) built-in solution tank heater, running from a second power lead. This solution tank heater is protected via a safety cut-off, which prevents the heater being on when the water level is too low.

This Enforcer’s vacuum system allows you to use your carpet cleaning machine on occasions where you only have access to one plug socket - you don’t have to have two power leads to run your machine and a third to run your heating system, which can sometimes prove problematic.

We build this Enforcers pump using an induction motor, so there are no carbon brushes to wear out. Ashbys also install an Easy-Grip Pressure Regulator Valve and unique Flow Control Valve, which put you in complete control of your Enforcer’s water output. The Pressure Regulator Valve allows you to reduce the Enforcer’s water pressure (PSI), while maintaining maximum flow-rate. In comparison, reducing your water pressure to 135 psi using the Flow Control Valve puts out less cleaning solutions, allowing you to work even drier.

Enforcer Features Logo

Ashbys Enforcer Carpet Cleaning Machine Features List 1

Ashbys Enforcer Carpet Cleaner Features List 2

To make loading the Enforcer into your vehicle easy, we front-mounted the waste water dump valve, fitted two roller bars, loading wheels and moulded three grab-handles just where you need them. Back the Enforcer up to your van, then tilt and roll it in (see below).

via integral top-mounted wheels, dual mid-section dual roller bars and two front-mounted grab handles – much easier and safer than attempting to lift using front castors. Simply back the unit up to your vehicle, tilt backwards and roll in!

White Knight Cleaning using their 400 psi Enforcer to clean a lounge carpet.

Included in this Enforcer package

1 x Enforcer carpet cleaning machine fitted with -

  • 5.7 inch Standard Performance plus 5.7 inch Heavy Duty Performance 3 Stage Vacuum System PC9951
    A vacuum system provides the suction / vacuum to recover soilage from the item you're cleaning. This is our recommended and most powerful twin vacuum system available for Ashbys carpet cleaning machines, that will run from just one power lead. Fitted with fully replaceable carbon vac brushes and air-seal. Will operate up to 200 ft / 61 metres of vacuum hose. Ashbys recommend an IN-SERIES vacuum system. In-parallel is also available.
  • 400 psi Induction Motor Pump with Pressure Gauge plus Fully Adjustable Flow-rate & Pressure Control System PC5372
    Features a heavy duty non-maintenance induction motor, pressure gauge, Easy-Grip Pressure Regulator Valve and Ashbys unique Flow Control Valve for total control over your water output. Will operate up to 400 ft / 122 metres of solution hose.
  • No tools, hose set or Hydroforce Revolution Injection Inline Sprayer included - add if required from Discounted Popular Extras section. Clean even faster with less effort by adding a Teflon Wand Glide to your Ashbys 2 Jet Carpet Cleaning Wand.

1 x 5 Year Warranty on Casing

1 x 1 Year Warranty on Parts

1 x Pump-out Hose

Used to drain cleaning solution tank and clean soilage recovery tank, prior to packing away.

1 x Instruction Manual

1 x FREE Cleaning Guide Booklet

For carpet, upholstery, curtain and rug cleaning.

1 x FREE Specialist Training Course place for 1 person

Choose from Stage 1, 2 or 3. All courses are Insurance Approved with an Attendance Certificate provided on completion, includes lunch and run approximately every six weeks from our Sittingbourne, Kent premises - for full course agenda and dates click here. This FREE Course must be taken within 3 months of machine purchase. To book - simply insert course stage number and date in the 'If required insert FREE Training Course date' text field. We will confirm this appointment with you by phone or email on receipt of your order.

1 x FREE On-going Technical Support from Ashbys Cleaning Equipment (established 1979)

Simply call 01795 436999 or email tech-support@ashbys-uk.com.

1 x Next Working Day Mainland UK Delivery

Subject to stock availability.

or FREE Personal Hand-over with Full Instruction

If collecting from our Sittingbourne, Kent premises. Collections are Mon - Fri, 9:30am - 2pm. Please insert your preferred time and date for collection in the 'Special Instructions or Order Comments' box, during Stage 2 of the check-out process. We will confirm this appointment with you by phone or email on receipt of your order.

Fully Usable Water Capacity

Please note – capacities quoted are fully usable, NOT just volumetric tank size.

Built-in 3 Kw Immersion Heater System with Low Level Safety Cut-Off PC6786

Positioned in the solution (clean water) tank and designed for use with 400 psi machine builds. 3 Kw power with fully adjustable temperature from 0-60ºC and protected via a safety cut-off, which automatically switches off the system when cleaning solution level is low.

25 ft / 7.6 m High Pressure Hose Set & Premium Quality 2 Jet Wand PC9971

Includes the following items -

  • 1 x 25 ft / 7.6 m Standard High Pressure Hose Set PC3006 - Standard non-sleeved female connector and 3000 psi solution hose supplied with crush-proof heavy duty vacuum hose. Standard hose when not using V2 SteamMate.
  • 1 x 2 Jet Wand - Heavy Duty / Premium Quality Construction PC6950 - Comes complete with adjustable position Grab Handle, 2 x non-drip 110 015 brass jets, each protected by an inline debris filter to help prevent blockages. This high quality stainless steel, specialist-grade two jet carpet cleaning wand has a 12 inch / 30.5 cm wide reinforced head that will not collapse over time. Light, low friction and swan neck design to clean under desks etc. 38 mm / 1-1/2 inch vacuum tube. All 2 jet wands are not built equal and this 2 jet wand leads the way in ergonomics, features and build-quality.

Hydroforce Revolution Injection Inline Sprayer

For those that want to revolutionise how their spraying is done, the Hydroforce Revolution Injection Inline Sprayer takes efficiency to a new level by allowing cleaners to adjust dilution ratios on the fly. Gross traffic lanes? No problem! Blast away dirty spots with the turn of a knob. Avoid over wetting and cut your spray time in half! Quickly apply presprays, deodorizers, tile and grout cleaning solutions, sanitizers, protectors and more.


  • NEW, patent-pending container design makes the Hydro-Force sprayer the most convenient sprayer on the market
  • Large side-fill port – refill without removing the injector assembly
  • Wand holder to keep your wand off your customer's floor
  • Recessed handle – no more annoying velcro straps
  • Operating pressure range of 100-1,000 PSI*
  • Eliminates annoying mixing required by pump up sprayers
  • Adjust dilution ratios on the fly - don’t mess with metering tips!
  • High-quality quick connects allow your gun to swivel and permits quick removal


  • 5 qt. transparent container w/qt. measurement markings
  • Quick connects for swiveling and quick removal
  • Spray gun rated at 2600 PSI and 7 GPM
  • Knob-adjustable dilution ratios
  • Chemically-resistant seals
  • 18" stainless steel wand
  • Rotomolded container
  • Tethered cap

*Low Pressure Use (50-200 psi)

Solution hose pressure affects how much chemical is drawn from the Hydro-Force injection sprayer. Higher pressures decrease the ratio of chemical to water and lower pressures increase the ratio of chemical to water. If you are using pressures ranging from 50 to 200 PSI, you’ll want to install the Low Pressure Knob NA0868 (50-200 psi) PC10038 so your dilution ratios are more properly calibrated. We recommend using 100 PSI when using the low pressure knob for the most accurate dilution ratios.

Detergent & Accessory Starter Pack No 2 PC7841

Includes the following items -
(which can be re-ordered from us in the future using the links below)

Eco-friendly Detergent & Accessory Package No 3 PC9549

Kinder to the environment

A new range of high performance cleaning products based upon new technology formulations that perform as well or better than equivalent professional products and are kinder to the environment. Most products feature environmentally and user friendly phosphate free formulations coupled with all natural fragrances.

Prochem Natural products are free of dyes, synthetic fragrances, EDTA and NTA and contain only ingredients considered safe for the environment. Natural Range formulations conform to the USA EPA “Design for Environment” guidelines and the Carpet & Rug Institute Seal of Approval where applicable. Natural range carpet cleaning products are WoolSafe approved for the maintenance of wool carpets and rugs. Prochem Natural range containers are made from recyclable natural polyethylene and outer cartons use recycled fibreboard.

Includes the following items -

Would you prefer to lease purchase your equipment over 2 or 3 years, rather than buy outright in one go?

Lease finance enables you to get the right machine package to build your business and to grow
There is always a cost to finance, however the first job of the month could very well cover that months lease payment.

Leasing is tax efficient by reducing your tax liability

Hold on to any savings to fund other areas of your business.

If you wish to lease this equipment click here to complete an online application - we'll contact you direct. There is no need to process your order through your online Shopping Cart. Leasing is available to UK residents only.


Prefer to speak to an Advisor?

For information and advice on how to fund your new carpet cleaning business, call
Glin Beames from The Oxford Funding Company on:

01242 226662

2nd Floor Offices, 15-16 Montpellier Arcade, Montpellier, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 1SU.


Ref: PC9970 Manufactured by: Ashbys
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Product Reviews

Average Rating (93 Reviews)

5 out of 5 stars Thursday 16 May, 2019 By John Mitchell - John Mitchell Carpet Cleaning
Hi Martin. Received my Enforcer in February this year and since then it has been working 6 days a week. The performance and build quality are superb. Customers never fail to mention how impressed they are when they see it sitting outside their property and are completely blown away when they see the results. I have been using a Ashbys Ninja for 14 years and thought it was good, but the Enforcer is something else. Keep up the good work!
5 out of 5 stars Friday 26 April, 2019 By Andrew Collins - Jet & Steam Professional Specialist Cleaning
5 out of 5 for Ashbys Enforcer. The Enforcer has given me the confidence to deliver an excellent service to my customers, safe in the knowledge that I have a carpet cleaning machine capable of achieving outstanding results, it has really helped me grow my business, thank you. Photo attached on its debut outing!
5 out of 5 stars Thursday 18 April, 2019 By John Dane - J&S Carpet Cleaning Services
5 stars for Ashbys Enforcer. This carpet cleaning machine’s a well engineered piece of equipment with a powerful pump, twin vacuum motors plus heat, but it's the little things as well - locking front wheels - recessed cable winds with docking points for the electric plugs - well placed grab handles.

The Enforcer is quite heavy but quite easy to load - the waste outlet is so placed as to empty the waste tank completely without having to tilt the machine - easy access to instrument panel - even a recess under waste outlet to get the bucket well under the outlet.

What's not to like... my Ashbys Ninja lasted 9 years, so here's hoping!
5 out of 5 stars Wednesday 17 April, 2019 By Danny Nuttall - Cowan Professional Cleaning
Never have I ever used a carpet cleaning machine quite like the Enforcer. It does exactly what Ashbys say it will do. Couldn’t find a happier customer. I would highly recommend Ashbys to anyone looking to upgrade their carpet cleaning equipment or even just starting out. These guys know how to build a machine.
5 out of 5 stars Thursday 09 August, 2018 By Joshua Gill - Clear Cleaning
Fantastic machine, chemicals and customer service! They go that extra mile every time I visit.

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