Enforcer Carpet Cleaning Machine 400 psi - 2 x Genuine Lamb Ametek 6.6" High Efficiency Vac System

Enforcer Carpet Cleaning Machine 400 psi - 2 x Genuine Lamb Ametek 6.6" High Efficiency Vac System
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5 out of 5 stars Wednesday 17 April, 2019 By Russ Chadd - Prosteam UK
My first Ashbys Enforcer carpet cleaner was purchased back in 2012 and it never missed a beat, regular servicing and maintenance ensured that it still had the original motors and pump when it was sold in 2018.

I made a decision to slightly downsize my business from a large van with truck mount and purchase yet another Enforcer, this time I decided to go for the 2 x 6.6 inch vac motor model, again with the trusty 400 psi pump and built-in solution tank heating element. I can safely say that this new machine performs much like a small truck mount, especially at hose lengths of around 100ft. The 6.6 vac motors produce great air flow making the wand whistle loudly!

Adding the V2 SteamMate inline heater will further heat the tank water and boost temperatures to well over 90 degrees C.

For those of you who cannot decide between 5.7 or 6.6 inch vac motor set-ups, here is my opinion having owned both models -

6.6 inch motors mounted in-parallel
• 6.6" is optimised for airflow, therefore you would benefit by using 2" vacuum hose.
• The 6.6" model will allow you to work with long hose lengths, so the machine is ideal for van-mounting.
• If you like using a glide on your wand, this will work very well with a 6.6" set-up.
• Wand strokes can be slightly faster, like using a truck mount.
• The 6.6" model is louder, so you may want to add the optional Silencer.

5.7 inch motors mounted in-series
• The 5.7" set-up is optimised for high vacuum lift so it can be used with smaller 1.5" hose with no performance loss.
• 1.5" hose is easier to manage, takes up less room in the van and will fit into a hose bag for convenient neat storage.
• Greater lift is an advantage, especially when using the machine for flood work.
• Both motors and the pump will operate on just one electrical cable (with 2 x 6.6" and a 400 psi pump or above the machine requires 2 power leads, plus a 3rd detachable one for a built-in heater).
• Wand strokes need to be slower for best results.
• 5.7 inch motors produce less noise, even without the optional Silencer. Adding the Silencer to this set-up makes in very very quiet indeed.

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