Contract Flooring Magazine Enforcer Review

Paul Stuart | 25/06/2012

Enforcer Carpet Cleaning Machine 400 psi - V2 SteamMate Heating System

Steam Clean Carpet SCC has now finished testing the Enforcer hot water extraction carpet cleaning machine manufactured by Ashby's in the UK. Ashby's manufacture and supply professional cleaning equipment for the floor and upholstery cleaning industry.

First impression of the Enforcer when we first set eyes on it in Ashbys showroom was WOW!, this portable hot water extraction machine looks superior to anything else currently available. It looked sturdy and had some unique features that set it apart from mainstream portables. But would it do the job?

The Enforcer really is big-and-beefy. The Enforcer is the 'big boy' of portable carpet cleaning machines with 'near truck mount performance' and comes in array of specifications from which any professional carpet cleaner can select to suit his, or her, cleaning business.

Steam Clean Carpet SCC researched many portable carpet cleaning machine suppliers before opting for the Enforcer 400 PSI V2 version with heavy duty 3 stage dual In-series vacuum system. Also included was Ashby's built-in Steam Mate for extra cleaning power at temperatures up to 110°C and a built-in tank heater for temperatures up to 60°C for less demanding cleaning jobs.

As part of the package we opted to include Ashbys Metal Power Brush which we are still evaluating.

Conclusion of testing, carried out over a six month period.


Steam Clean Carpet SCC were not disappointed at all with performance of the Enforcer, with the added advantage of Ashby's built-in Steam Mate cleaning the most heavily soiled carpet was a breeze. Restaurant carpets that were so soiled that one could not even see the pattern through the build-up of grease were cleaned relatively easily with assistance of the Ashby Metal Power Brush. Less contaminated areas cleaned easily with the use of the wand.

Throughout testing, Liquid Formula 90 (diluted in accordance with the instructions) cleaning solution was used which achieved excellent results.


Due to the Enforcer's internal components, the version we tested was heavy. Its weight is not detrimental in any way, a cleaning machine of this quality build is expected to be quite heavy and robust. The Enforcer's weight has been taken into consideration during its design stage and the use of built-in rollers on the rear of the machine helps the operative to load it quite easily into any van or suitably sized estate car.

This is not a portable cleaning machine one would expect to be able to lift up stairs, therefore it is not suitable for that purpose. However, this is not a problem though, because a lot of thought has gone into its overall design the Enforcer can be stood outside and hoses suitably coupled run into the premises to be cleaned. Also, rain will not effect it due to the way body part components have been designed so water will run off and not into any electrics etc.


We at Steam Clean Carpet SCC conclude - the Enforcer is no mean contender among portable carpet cleaning extraction machines. It certainly lives up to its name, does its job well and exudes quality.

Design quality is excellent. We can see the Enforcer's design is a culmination of many years cleaning experience and an understanding of the requirements of professional cleaning operatives.

Turning up on site with this cleaning machine will, without a doubt, impress the client - it's highly recommended.

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