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Cleenol Industrial Descaler PLF256/5 5 Ltr

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Cleenol Industrial Descaler SPD930CL 5 Ltr

  • Straw coloured liquid used for removing limescale where ever it is formed.
  • This product is a very high strength.
  • Dissolves limescale in minutes, removes all algae and cleans brickwork, toilet and ceramics.
  • Very efficient at removing limescale from kettles and boilers.
  • When instructions are followed, will descale safely any equipment where limescale proves a problem.
  • For kettles, bain-marie, boilers, etc, fill with 5% solution of descaler and leave until a bubble generation subsides.
  • For ceramics, poolside, stone work, wipe over with a strong solution of descaler.
  • Toilet sinks, urinals, use neat.
  • All operations should be thoroughly rinsed several times with fresh clean water.
  • This a strong acid product and full protection should be taken. Never use with bleach or poisonous fumes will be generated.
  • Buy in Case & Bulk Quantity and save even more!
Ref: PC4432 Manufactured by: Cleenol Group Ltd

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