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Mr Chris Powell - Powell-ful Clean | 05/04/2017

We have the Ninja carpet cleaning machine and it’s an amazing bit of kit. It has dealt with everything we have put in front of it. Would highly recommend to anyone who’s looking for a new machine. After sales is second to none and products are the best we have used. Overall very, very happy with Ashbys.

Mr Kevin Wright - Pro-care Carpet Cleaning | 20/12/2016

Ashbys Ninja is a definite recommendation with a 5 star rating. I've had my 400 psi version of the Ninja for a while now and I'm still genuinely surprised with the results. The twin vacuum motors make such a difference in the dirt it extracts and the dryness of the carpet plus the large water tanks means less time filling and emptying. I love it! Thanks again to all at Ashbys and a very merry Christmas from Pro-care Carpet Cleaning.

Steven Harvey - The Grime Punisher Ltd | 19/12/2016

I would recommend the Ashby Ninja to anyone. A very reliable and powerful bit of kit, so I would rate it a 5 out of 5. It works wonders on both carpet and upholstery.

I do a lot of vehicle valeting as well and the Ninja brings the seats up like new again. Also, I’ve had nothing but good feedback for my carpet cleaning.

I will be looking at buying another one in the very near future.

Mr John Gander - Atlantic Cleaning Services | 15/12/2016

I give Ashbys Ninja a 5 star rating. It’s the best carpet cleaning machine on the market and has overwhelmed all my customers over the past 6 months. Would always recommend it.

Mr Assam - Wellshine | 04/11/2016

I totally recommend Ashby Ninja carpet cleaning machine. It has proven a huge success to my business. My customers are 100% satisfied with the outcome of our jobs and that's why I give a 5 star rating to the Ashby Team.

Mr Pritam Dey - Pritam Dey Cleaning | 22/02/2016

The Ninja’s a very good machine, strong and takes out dirt you can’t see. We are getting on well with it but would be interested in trying the Enforcer. Generally, impressive and customers love it.

Darren Help - D&D Carpet Clean | 03/12/2015

I give the Ninja 5 Stars all day long. The Ninja is a fantastic machine. I’ve had mine 4 years and it’s used every day, worked hard and has never let me down. I would not use any other machine. Best machine I’ve ever owned. Highly recommended.

Koo Dhangal - Access Cleaning | 23/12/2015

I give the Ninja 5 Stars all day long. The Ninja is a fantastic machine. I’ve had mine 4 years and it’s used every day, worked hard and has never let me down. I would not use any other machine. Best machine I’ve ever owned. Highly recommended.

Sebastian Szymanski - Wellshine | 25/03/2015

The Ninja is a 5 Stars carpet cleaning machine. I’ve used mine for about a year now. It’s giving me great results with carpet cleaning and I have lots of happy customers. Easy for use and to transport. Great not only for carpets - it cleans hard floor as well. One of my best purchases. Thank you Ashbys.

Gavril Kristov – Famous Cleaners London | 12/02/2015

It is beautiful. Thank you!

David Ivers - Xtra Clean (Gateshead) | 31/10/2014

I have been using the Ninja 400 psi for five years now. It really is a fantastic machine, cleans a lot faster than other machines I have used and is manufactured to a very high standard. I am very impressed by Ashby's customer service too.

Peter McGloin - GBM Support Services | 24/09/2014

We like the Ninja and would give it a 5 stars. The Ninja is robust and well-made and cleans well. The perfect professional tool for the job.

Steve Dowdell (M & A Cleaning Services Wales Ltd)  | 11/04/2014

I've had a Ninja 400 psi with internal V2 SteamMate about 4 years ago. Still going great. Fantastic machine. Previously owned a top spec machine from another manufacturer. Never again though. Ashbys equipment for us from now on. :-)

Howard Rose (Roses Cleaning Service) | 01/04/2014

Ninja is running fine and doing a fantastic job for me and my customers.

Roy Halsey (Harp Cleaners Ltd) | 06/09/2013

We have been cleaning carpets since 1970 and the best machine is by far, Ashbys Ninja.

Geoff Bellamy (Eco-Clean Services) | 28/06/2013

I have had many machines in the past, including a truck mount and a portable from another supplier. My Ashbys Ninja is equally as good as the truck mount and far more reliable than my previous portable, also more efficient. The Ninja, with its three kilowatt heater, helps to breakdown grease and ground in dirt. The customer service and the follow-up from Ashbys has been excellent and I like to thank you for all help and advice I have received.

Roland Marsh (Rolmar Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners Perth) | 07/06/2013

This is my 2nd Ninja. I have now upgraded to the 400psi machine with remote control. The last machine is now 7 years old and still going strong but I wanted a newer more powerful model that still had the portability of the original.

Ninja’s really are well constructed, well designed machines that are built to last. The results achievable with them, especially the 400psi, are exceptional. The technical help and parts back up from Ashbys is also superb. I would have no hesitation in recommending these machines to anyone. Very impressed.

Austin Sloan, Director (Earlsloan Ltd) | 19/04/2013

It's a 5 star machine with a 5 star service company backing it up. I have found all elements of the Ninja machine to be sturdy, reliable and above all powerful enough to tackle the largest and dirtiest of jobs. Our Ninja works for hours every day and has never let me down. I would only use Ninjas as our portable cleaners.

David Weaver (Weaver UK Ltd) | 24/01/2013

You are all fantastic! Very helpful and always friendly... 5 STARS as always... Best of all your machine the NINJA is magic!!!

Sally (Fresh Breeze) | 29/12/2012
Ninja Carpet Cleaning Machine 400 psi - Hot Solvent Cleaning System
I was new to carpet cleaning last year and after some research decided to buy an Ashbys Ninja. I haven’t been disappointed. Although quite heavy it’s fine to get in and out of my Berlingo car/van by myself. Probably too large to get in and out of a saloon car the Ninja is easy to use and very robust. I would thoroughly recommend the Ninja to anybody seriously considering taking up carpet cleaning.
Peter Hood (Swift Clean) | 25/08/2012
Ninja Carpet Cleaning Machine 400 psi - 2 x 5.7" Heavy Duty Value Vac System
Excellent machine. Does what I need it to and I know the carpets are the cleanest they possible can be using this machine. Well worth the money.
Cristian Stefan (Cleaning AMW Ltd) | 12/07/2012
Ninja Carpet Cleaning Machine 135 psi Ind Motor - 2 x 3 Stage 5.7" HD Performance Vac System
I really like the machine, it makes the work much easier than before, the products are wonderful and customers are very satisfied. Thank you.
John Willson (Kent Carpet Cleaning Company Ltd) NCCA member M24 | 02/05/2012
Ninja 400 psi PC7916 - 2 x 5.7" Heavy Duty Value Vac System

The Ninja is a fantastic carpet cleaning machine - I used this on a dirty/worn commercial carpet in London and the results were excellent - this is a powerful cleaner and the build quality is of a high standard - the length of the hose is also an added bonus - the optional heater works very quickly and keeps good heat in the water.

The Ninja is not a loud machine but I also purchased a Silencer because of working in domestic premises and hotels - it makes a difference and the clients appreciate the noise being kept to a minimum.

Very impressed indeed.

Highly recommended A++++++++++++++++++

Alex Goodrich (Supa-Dupa Carpet Care) | 02/04/2012
Ninja 135 psi PC7903 - 2 x 5.7" Heavy Duty Value Vac System
This is a great machine and very easy to use. Very lightweight in comparison to some machines and does a great job.
Reg Bowditch (R&L Bowditch Cleaning Services) | 02/04/2012
Ninja 135 psi PC7925 - Hot Solvent Cleaning System
A really good machine for all types of cleaning jobs. I have used the Hot Solvent Cleaning System on curtains, armchairs and on delicate fabrics. A very handy addition to the normal wet cleaning. I would certainly recommend this machine to anyone.